1. What benefits do I get by becoming a member of TravelforChess?

By registering to Travel for Chess website you’ll get instant access to full tournament information, ratings and reviews and users comments. You can also review any tournament and leave your own comments.

2. Can I get a trial period?

Unfortunately at this moment we do not offer trial period subscriptions.  We tried our best to make the subscription affordable for all the chess players, so if you register now you will pay only 12.99 EUR for the whole year.

3. When does my subscription starts and expires?

Your subscription starts automatically after you make your payment. The subscription period is 1 year. You can check the details of your subscription here.

4. Can I review or comment any tournament I want?

Yes. You  can  review or comment any tournament you want, but we kindly ask you not to review or comment the tournaments you never played in, or you do not know the tournament conditions. Please be aware that all the comments are moderated.

5. Can I refund my money if I am not satisfied with the site?

Unfortunately, at this moment we do not offer money refund.

6. I am the organizer and I want to use the rating and reviews my tournament has got on TravelforChess. Is it possible?

Yes, sure. You can use our ratings and reviews in your tournament web page and flyers, or in any other way you like.